Wednesday, January 26, 2011

where do i come from?

do you know this book? "where do i come from?"
it's the basics on how mommy and daddy became - mommy and daddy.
a classic.

alice has been feeling a little sick last two days. so we basically cuddled and i did my homework while she watched her own video channel on youtube. she stars in all these movies. usually dancing and demanding that i stop filming her. i'm the alice paparazzi. but it pays so well.

i'm typing with one hand so please excuse my typos and lack of caps.

i come from people who like flowers
who loved to garden and still do
i spent many memorable moments in their garden
examining, watching, investigating, discovering, imagining, dreaming

and here i am now.
missing my summer flowers...can you tell?


  1. I'm really missing flowers too. Will spring ever arrive?

    I love your flower photographs

  2. wow. this post made my heart race- love, love, love!