Saturday, March 6, 2010

NEW WORKSHOP DATES!!!! 4.26 & 4.27


FOR APRIL 26th & 27th

Hope some of you will be able to make it out so I can meet you in person! The flowers are going to be amazing! The vendors involved are super talented and just plain great to be around. It's going to be an all around fabulous time.

Go to the website to REGISTER NOW and find out the details.


image by Jose Villa
flowers by Flowerwild

Random Lovliness

Here are some random lovelies I have been saving up for a rainy day...and guess what?!!! That day has come, and it is actually raining here A LOT. Which just mean the flowers this season are going to be out of this world. Yippee.
Lots of good things happening here that I can't wait to share at the right time - so stay tuned.
Hint...(Jessica Claire's workshop images - that we styled with the ever so talented Rebecca Stone of Duet Weddings)
Hint...(BIG- THE biggest wedding mag in the industry may have photographed little old me for a featured piece)
Hint...(Gorgeous hollywood hills wedding featuring my first ever - victorian style, cascading bouquet)

and there's more but let's get to the pictures of my random lovelies shall we?

The little blonde thing is undoubtedly by most beautiful creation!

Andrea's Flowers

So things have been a little busy here of late...gearing up for an amazing 2010 season. Which actually already started. Hence, the lack of blog posts. All my time in front of the computer lately has been dedicated to making up bids/proposals/inspiration boards/ and returning emails. Yada Yada Yada. So boring for you to read, I know! SO let's get straight to some flowers that I have not had the chance to post.

Andrea was my last bride of 2009...and she was lovely. The day was lovely...everything was perfect. Even was able to catch a little after set-up drink with my hubby at the hotel afterward! Love that.

These are a few shots from the studio before all was packed up and ready to go. I little more modern than my usual take on flowers - but fun none the less.
I have to say that the most rewarding response to a bridal bouquet ever happened when Andrea saw her bouquet - she started tearing up and had to calm herself down so she wouldn't ruin her makeup. Flowers will do that to you!

Flowers in a box to alice in a box!