Wednesday, October 31, 2012


ok y'all if you are really should head over to OUR NEW BLOG!!!!! not to mention our new website. please rss the new site! see ya there! xo kate

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

radio contact

earth to flowerwild earth to flowerwild....come in??? do you read me???? ............ bop burp.....
yes yes I'm here, i'm just floating in a pile of flowers sky high i've been lost in the rush of the season, vows, i do's, petals, thingimabobs, pillows, more pillows, pashminas, the occasional flower crown, which I call a halo... and interstellar travel from big sur to carmel to cambria to ireland and back to our well worn, worse for the wear studio that was once a barn, and may well get taken over by passion vine that has been let go for 8 months or more. i'm here i'm back i'm trying to normalize and i'm already ready for the next thing what is it?????? good question newness is coming newness is good newness is this turned inside out and now I must quote alice's latest song "Lady bug, lady bug on a leaf laaadyyyy buu--uuug butterfly butterfly flying right next to me i say to her " i love the way your wings fly too super fashionable and blue" and she says "thank you" la la la la la la .... Butterfly butterly in the sky so high le le le le le lie Over the rainbow she flies centipede crawls and the butterfly flies just like me just like me everything's better with all of us together EVERYTHING'S BETTER WITH ALL OF US TOGETHER" and that's the truth. it really IS better.