Monday, January 31, 2011

My little flower

This is my little flower- Alice...she is feeling so much better after coughing and being generally low energy this last week. That little smile of hers just kills me every time. After 3 days of feeling crumbly she asked me, "Mom, when can I have my job back?"
me: "what job sweetie, what do you mean?"
Alice: "you friends, bernadette and chloe, and ballet, and nastics (gymnastics)?"
me: "oh THAT job...pretty soon girlie. All you gotta do is eat healthy and rest and you'll have your job back real soon."
She should be clocking in tomorrow!

These are some images of her favorite computer pastime. Hamming it up for the photo booth on my laptop. I actually had no idea she had figured out how to do this, and discovered literally hundreds of pictures of alice in there. "serious" alice, "mad" alice, "silly" alice, alice's toes, alice's feet, alice's stuff...

and that's all.
she is the prettiest flower of all.


  1. Yay for being fierce!

    Alice is so so adorable.

  2. oh my... what a sweetie you have.

  3. Little A is the CUTEST ever!! Between this and all of the text messages she sends me, she is quite the tech savvy little one!