Monday, March 19, 2012

The adobe

got rained out last week, with our plans to head up north. so now we are going for a quick quick trip hoping to avoid bad weather this kids. we have some favorite spots we like to visit in Sonoma but I am not opposed to recommendations(food, fun, etc). we need recs for a good lunch spot close to portero hill in the city too. Any ideas?

these images need no intro - other than this - JOSE is genius. Just look at the insanity! That gown....the colors...the insanity!!!!

it's just too much. (thanks Claire Pettibone for the gown, and Mar of Team for the BEAUTY)

this was a very off the cuff made literally out of the back of my abused flower van. (bring the eurovan back to the US please, we need an upgrade.) But man, it was fun! Just good times, good friends, gorgeous light, perfect day...the perfect ingredients to just let the creativity just flow.

oh yea!!!! i almost forgot this was on the cover of a great e mag, called MAG rouge. See the full issue here. and also featured on Style Me Pretty, plus on jose's blog here. So you can see more

I say let's do it again soon.


Monday, March 12, 2012

part two

just a few more from this pretty fete...

we are headed up north this week and I am looking forward to seeing sonoma again. Dreaming of my very own little plot of land up there where I can grow pretty much anything I want. Sigh...think this dream will have to wait until I have a little more spare time.

Alice is singing and singing and singing these days. it makes for a happy work atmosphere:) and it makes me love her so much.