Monday, January 31, 2011

My little flower

This is my little flower- Alice...she is feeling so much better after coughing and being generally low energy this last week. That little smile of hers just kills me every time. After 3 days of feeling crumbly she asked me, "Mom, when can I have my job back?"
me: "what job sweetie, what do you mean?"
Alice: "you friends, bernadette and chloe, and ballet, and nastics (gymnastics)?"
me: "oh THAT job...pretty soon girlie. All you gotta do is eat healthy and rest and you'll have your job back real soon."
She should be clocking in tomorrow!

These are some images of her favorite computer pastime. Hamming it up for the photo booth on my laptop. I actually had no idea she had figured out how to do this, and discovered literally hundreds of pictures of alice in there. "serious" alice, "mad" alice, "silly" alice, alice's toes, alice's feet, alice's stuff...

and that's all.
she is the prettiest flower of all.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

where do i come from?

do you know this book? "where do i come from?"
it's the basics on how mommy and daddy became - mommy and daddy.
a classic.

alice has been feeling a little sick last two days. so we basically cuddled and i did my homework while she watched her own video channel on youtube. she stars in all these movies. usually dancing and demanding that i stop filming her. i'm the alice paparazzi. but it pays so well.

i'm typing with one hand so please excuse my typos and lack of caps.

i come from people who like flowers
who loved to garden and still do
i spent many memorable moments in their garden
examining, watching, investigating, discovering, imagining, dreaming

and here i am now.
missing my summer flowers...can you tell?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Proposals, yin and yang

Here's something I like....raspberry crisp a la mode
Here's something I don't like...............bug bites

here's what inspires me............color, alice's enthusiasm for spiderman, and vines
here's what bores

i family
i dislike....pretend people and fishy smelling fish ick.

a couple of fun things are cooking this week aside from all of the amazingly sweet potential clients I have met the last few days, and even the one's i haven't met (HONG KONG! hi!) and (NEW YORk...)

trying to be focused and get things done. here's how committed I am to doing this well: I showered and got back in my jammies to finish today's proposals. Back to work...but posting a few images of flowers from the summer. how i miss them!!!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Something pretty

My sweet friends Jose and Joel has a little holiday shindig at their house in December for family. I was so honored that they actually asked me to do the flowers.
Sadly...the flower market in December does not have much to offer. It's been a sorry state of affairs down there lately. So I took to foraging in a complete downpour to get these arrangements looking decent. It was worth it! Look at these fabulous images Jose captured of them.

He never stops working!
Thanks Jose and Joel for all your generosity and general sweetness. I feel very happy to know you both.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Flowerwild's Workshop!

I have to say, I am beyond thrilled with all the hard work and beautiful flowers my attendees produced at the November Workshop! It was so much fun - and truly inspiring to me to see so much enthusiasm, and be surrounded by so many sweet people whose love of flowers matches mine.
We played, ate great food, soaked up the gorgeous scenery in Montecito...literally steps from the ocean. Learned so much from the talents and insights of my dear friend Rebecca Stone - who so generously donated her time and efforts to make it all go smoothly, and make sure everyone felt at home.

Hopefully, some of you will be inspired to sign up for the next workshop scheduled for February 24th and 25th in Santa Barbara once you see these images!
A few spots here to reserve your space now.

See for yourself all the insanely pretty flowers they dreamed up - photographed by Jose Villa
stay tuned for the film footage by Joel Serrato!!!!