Wednesday, April 27, 2011

garden of earthly delights

Here's a little something we did a while back for Martha Stewart Weddings. Inspired by the, wind, fire and water. This shoot was fun, I learned a lot about what I can do better next time. The greenhouses were even more beautiful than I imagined they would be. My favorite was the skeleton frame of one, left to be gathered back into the raw and ragged growth of mother nature. Kind of hauntingly beautiful...

So many good people were involved in this little shoot. Thanks to all of them. Plus Joel Serrato came along to shoot a little film which is so beautiful...but I am so seriously inept I can figure out how to post it here. But check out his work if you haven't already.

Featured today on Snippet and Ink

and Previously on The Bride's Guide

Photography: Jose Villa

Florals, styling: Flowerwild

Styling, coordination: Rebecca Stone of Duet Weddings

Location: Hatfield Orchids

Hair, make up: Team Hair and Makeup

Wardrobe: Swift Vintage

Jewelry: Wish List

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


What is there to say?
The man is insanely talented.
He is a good person.
He has passion for his work.
I love how he makes my flowers look...hehe.

This Jose Villa Workshop was featured on SMP this week.
Jill LaFleur and I worked on styling this together...a seriously fun, creative and inspiring endeavor. Wedding bells! Rope and Lace, and Poppies with Jasmine! I will post some of my favorites here later in the week. Too much goodness to pass up.

Photography - Jose Villa
Coordination and styling - Jill LaFleur
Flowers and Design - Me!
Hair and Make-up - Mar of TEAM hair and makeup
Cake - Erica O'Brien

Monday, April 18, 2011

growing pains

Things are getting NUTTY here. The UPS guys hates me...I'm pretty sure of it. The other day he literally unloaded his whole truck onto our doorstep. All the other UPS men in the neighborhood were honking and teasing him as the drove by.
A definite sign of a busy season to come.(note to all my 2011 brides - we are gonna knock these weddings out of the park into outerspace with flower gorgeousness!) It's scary and exciting. I have been looking forward to these months of creating for most of the winter. I have also been spending tons of time with my littlest and most enthusiastic mini-accomplice - Alice.
She just enrolled herself at preschool...seriously her idea. But it does look REALLY fun. They have chickens, a garden, easels outside, musical instruments galore, scooters, basically heaven on earth for 3 year olds. She told me, "Don't worry mom, you can come pick me up when I'm done. I still love you, even when I'm at pre-school."


i love you little a-scicle! My big girl.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Once wed and Intern?

I guess that despite how many times I promise myself I will be a good little blogger and write something to you all a couple times a week - I always fall off the wagon, before I even get going. If only they had a way to do hands free blogging!!! I'm sure there's an app for that. Or they're working on it somewhere.

I will purchase toute suite as soon as it becomes available. Then we can get crackin' around here. OR I could hire an INTERN!!! Anyone interested? Let me know.
You will see flowers on a daily basis. There will be coffee, there will be flowers, and more flowers, and hopefully more blog posts.
you get in touch if this sounds good.

So back to the real reason for this note. We are on Once Wed today!!! Check out this lovely little outdoor wedding inspiration. I friggin' LOVE the the bold juicy bouquet...and the little birds, so sweet!

Images by Jose Villa (I don't know if this couple was just gorgeous, or if Jose makes everyone look heavenly. Such a talented guy.)

Hair and Makeup by Mar of TEAM Hair and Makeup

Flowers by Flowerwild - me

Dress by Saja

Friday, April 1, 2011


Our workshop in feb was. a. dream.

And it rained, it poured, it was so soggy wet...but still my girls made insane flowers.
I am real proud!

But I can't share it all yet. Just a smidgen.
enjoy. Image by my dear friend Jose Villa.