Wednesday, December 8, 2010

a lesson in procrastination

bleach buckets, scrub buckets, hydrate flowers, eat cheese and crackers, email, revise a budget, email again, watch olivia with alice, look at my yoga mat...
facebook, build new gallery on our website, entertain ideas of going to palm springs to see the Avedon exhibit, email, color with Alice (she is getting good at drawing faces!), stare at yoga mat...
blog, refine amazon shopping cart (thank god for this amazing invention), play spiderman game with Alice (I am most often Mary Jane Watson is some sort of distressing situation...lost puppy, alligators in my house, etc), stare at yoga mat a little more....

ahhhh, maybe later!!! I am off to the studio to play with flowers.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blog designer NEEDED!

Good afternoon all of you lovelies. One more wedding in 2010 to go! Luck me, a sweet couple, with a great affection for one another, and great taste.

On another note...I NEED someone to design a new blog for Flowerwild. Preferably on a wordpress template. Please email me directly if you are interested in this project at

Some fun images from the studio of a very dramatic wedding before it leaves the studio for installation at Vibiana.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Workshop dates! February 24th & 25th

The last workshop was so unbelievable and so inspiring for ME that I had to plan another right away!
This one will also take place in Santa Barbara - at an AMAZING historical estate. Two days of floral design, art making, great conversation, plans for the future, and friendships. What could be better? I say treat yourself, it will be an experience to remember.

FEBRUARY 24th and 25th

Please reserve your space now - as I will continue to keep these workshops small and intimate. Once full, there will be a waiting list for that session or future dates.
click here
to reserve your space

Looking forward to meeting some of you there!

image by joel serrato via the november 2010 workshop