Monday, March 21, 2011


seems I'm always late at doing something. Like wishing someone special happy birthday (my bro...anthony. I love you!), spring cleaning, preschool planning (don't fret little A you are gonna go come Sept. I promise!!!), and a myriad of other things like this blog post. I have to admit that other than being kinda busy these last three weeks with various events and happenings, I was kind of not feeling like busying myself with blogging, tweeting, or any other virtual activity after seeing the sad sad devastation in Japan. It made me wonder how much what I am doing, and what I have to say really matters. And it made me feel far away.

One conversation I had with Alice went like this:
me: "It is so sad what is happening in Japan...all those families. The big wave..."
alice:" kids were there too?"
alice" we should go there to help."
me: "Japan is really far away honey. And it's cold. They are sending professionals there. Like fireman and policemen to help all the people."
alice: "that's ok mom. I can get a jacket. And then we can go there and help. We should help them not be sad. Cause they are probably sad right now."
me: "'re right we should do our best."

But the truth is I don't know what to do...but bringing a smile, a lightness of being, a levity, a sense of sweetness, a recognition of new love helps a little...if only a little.

so, be kind, be loving, share, laugh, and build happiness in your home.
every little bit of warmth and love you can spread helps.

oh...and just a thought. But maybe we could all write a letter, or a note, or a line to someone we love, on PAPER with a pen or pencil, the old fashioned way. A hand written note -to keep under the pillow, or bed or in a box wrapped with ribbon. or wherever you chose to keep things that make a heart go "pitter patter."

These amazingly peaceful and serene images were created by my friend Jose Villa and Joy Thigpen for href="">Once Wed. They remind me of nature's beauty, fragility, intricacy, even though I know how harsh and cruel she can be. I hope you like them.