Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dahlia Daydreams

mmmmmmmmm.....I have been seeing visions of dahlias dancing in my head. Their season is just around the corner. Can't wait. In the meantime, I had to satisfy my longing for their tasty petals with these pics from the archives of Flowerwild. Hope you like them. You can bet there will be an abundance of arrangements like these to come in the summer season. Yippee!

Raspberry dahlias with hellebores, passion vine, and Chinese Tree peonies which are like the truffles of the flower world...

Part of a trio of arrangement we did for Prada's penthouse suite at The Chateau Marmont. The Tree of Heaven is simply amazing for color and texture.

Paired with tree of heaven and juicy viburnum berries.

My husband thinks this one is proof positive that I'm crazy...can't dispute that.

There is a vase in there...somewhere.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Anniversary

Well I am so happy to say that today is my 3 year anniversary with my wonderful husband! I still remember that late april day like no other. Wow! The sun that had been threatening to hide under a blanket of grey clouds came out. It was so warm and perfect, I almost tripped down the stairs to the ceremony area, and couldn't keep myself from crying with happiness when I saw how handsome Ken was and that he was actually standing there waiting to marry me. And I remember how radiant and happy the boys were. This was their big day too. I still love to see them in the western style suits looking so cool. It was the perfect day. And all the days that have followed add up

My Bouquet of White peonies and Lilac

Connor and Max looking tough but dapper

The Yummiest Cakes EVER by my dear friend who now lives in Seattle, Wendypies.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Renee and Paul Wed

Another special couple, Renee and Paul got married this February at the secluded and spectacular luxury campgrounds at El Capitan Canyon, just north of Santa Barbara. This is another venue that is perfect for a couple looking to do something a bit out of the box in a truly stunning setting. They have party sized tents on the grounds for hosting indoor receptions and there are perks for just camping in their deluxe cabins as well (fireplaces, wood burning stoves, king sized beds,soaking tubs!!!). The staff will bring you all the goodies for a BBQ or all the yummies you need to do a s'moore buffet. Sounds fun - no?
So, invite your friends and family for a magical weekend in the canyon (steps from the beach) and get married on the hillside or with your feet in the sand - all the while experiencing the magic of California's natural beauty, without pitching a tent!

Some images of the flowers we provided for Renee and Paul - and their lovely daughter.
All photographs courtesy of Amy & Stuart.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fresh from the Garden

We have begun to harvest some of our own signature blooms here at Flowerwild. There is something so rewarding about watching a garden grow. Some of the plants that are flowering with profusion right now are the rambling roses and the clematis vines; which I should add, the nursery tried to dissuade me from growing....not the right climate they said! Too hot and dry. They seem to be preforming terrifically. Can't wait to add more. Passion vines are also blossoming. They have a little "eyelash" center wich makes them look very sea creature-y. Like 'em!!!

Here are some simple arrangements of flowers you can cut from your own spring garden...
The Lilac I bought at the local farmer's market. Super lush!!

Use HOT HOT water off the tap to invigorate droopy flowers.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Friend - Rebecca of Duet Weddings

I like to surround myself with GOOD people. Nice, sweet, down-to-earth kind of people. And someone who has a great sense of style and class is a big bonus when talking about people in the wedding world.
Meet Rebecca and her company Duet Weddings.
How nice to pair up with a coordinator who shares your enthusiasm and creative spirit! I REALLY like her! And I think all brides out there who want that special touch of having a genuinely good person help them through the whole process of planning their wedding should take a look at her blog and get ready to break out in song! A duet maybe? okay I'm a little silly. But you'll like her I promise....

Some images of her happy couples and their luscious events:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beechwood Canyon Beauties

Some girls are just special. I guess that's why there's usually some guy out there who just has to marry them. Erica is one special gal. I could sense her gentle, sweet way from our original meeting for her fast approaching wedding. Ceremony at the Hotel Bel Air, with a luncheon to follow....THEN even more colorful festivities with all the couple's closest friends at their lovely home in the hills of Beechwood Canyon. Perfection. These bouquets were designed to capture her easy-going and carefree spirit with a dash of LOVE. Can't wait to show you photos from the actual day of!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pretty Little Lilac Number - Diane's Sample Bouquet

Spring is here. Woooohooo!!! Let me count the ways I can tell when spring arrives in Califorina....flowering fruit trees, buckets of daffodils, white local lilac tied in bundles with frayed twine, the soft buttery scent of tulips, and the divine frills of peonies upon peonies!
Last week we created this pretty little lilac number for our future bride, Diane. I think there will be a few more nude tones in this bouquet on the big day. Hope you like it.

Oh Yeah...and we did this centerpiece mock-up as well. The real deal will be all silver, blues, deep purples, withe the vivd green viburnum. What's that outrageously beautiful star shaped purple flower you ask? It is a clematis bloom, cultivated in the Flowerwild garden. And it is bigger than my palm with fingers extended. Scrumptious.....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Garden roses as Cuts

An old fashioned rose is just breathtaking, don't you think? I could just gaze at them for hours. I hope to have this one rambling up the back wall next spring. Plus they make the perfect cut flower for by the bed or in a little perfume bottle on the vanity. Here is a more elaborate arrangement of cut garden roses with viburnum, a rose climber, and ranunculas. It was a sweet love message to some lucky girl out there. Enjoy.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Blushing Bride - Alicia's April Weddding

The sweetness of Alicia is all wrapped up in these flowers. I should note that I am a sucker for all flowers, but especially the smelly ones! The garden roses I used here smelled divine. Other delectable smelling blooms in here...sweet peas, and jasmine, and an unsung hero of sweet smelling stuff...rice flower. It looks like little blushed berries on a bit of evergreen. The studio was a haven of amazing fragrance last week. It was almost hard to put everything away in the fridge at the day's end.

Here is a peek at Alicia's personals....

bridesmaids' bouquets of weber tulips, sweet peas, and garden roses. Just a touch of blush.

her bouquet garden roses, peonies, sweet peas, ranunculas, and a dusting of allium

I hope to have more images from the photographer soon to share....FUN!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Flowerwild Friends

Wow...we got some nice blog press this week!!!! From some VERY HIP ladies.Check it out. So swwwwwweeeeeet. Tomorrow....Alicia's wedding. Can't show you pictures now. That would be cheating.

Here is a pretty inspiration board that originated on Snippet and Ink - with our home site image of Ilana's wedding bouquet. Gorgeous blown open peach garden roses in a twist. Image by La Vie Photography.

See our blog press on these sites:


green wedding shoes

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Heavenly Hellebores

Today, a little inspiration from a lovely little flower called the hellebore. A.K.A The "Christmas Rose". I am in love with these flowers. They are so pure in their color and form, so graceful, with their little nodding heads. Each little face is different from the next. Some have freckles, some do not, but they are all beautiful. Try growing some in your garden...I'm going to!!!

Hellebores with ranunculas, pieris, passion vine, dusty miller and tulips in a vintage vase

Hellebores in a delightful mix of poppies, jasmine, muscari, anemones, sweet peas, and cut phalenopsis orchid. Strange palette...but so vivid.

Hellebores as a tasty little boutonniere.