Tuesday, January 31, 2012

autumn in ny

I'm still kind of amazed I get to do things like this for a living...
I remember when I had my first day of work as a REAL, union camera assistant on a commercial...and I thought to myself "I really did it, I'm here working in the camera dept., legitimately."
I guess that was as far ahead as I had gotten in the thought process, because I really had no idea what was next...or what i wanted to do next.

Now a real decade later I am here in the midst of a flower business, and it is so much more than I could have imagined it would be.

This fall I traveled to New York to design florals for Tiffany's biggest event of the year in tandem with an amazing artist Christopher Young. Thanks to him for this unimaginable opportunity, and a look behind the scenes into one of the most interesting American business still around. I saw things I never expected to, stood in front of a yellow diamond that was as blazing and bright as the sun. Guess I never fancied myself a diamond kind of gal...but maybe we all are, really. The artistry that goes into all of these one-off signature pieces was kind of a miracle thing to witness, and to imagine the process from approved drawing to completion was so fascinating to me.

There were gemologist rooms, lots of very nice but very serious security men, cases of fantastic bejeweled creations, all to be seen by invitation only...Tiffany's top 100 clients from around the globe. WOW!

Sarah of Saipua was a most gracious host and let me hang out and make a big mess in her studio.
Sarah is a whole other wonderful reason to go to NY. It was nice to swap flower stories and shoot the s**t a little. Wish we were neighbors really...then we could really dish.

I'm hoping to have professional shots of these pieces from the event soon...I am in LOVE with the curly and wild branches of forsythia. And asian pear....thank you new york flower market for some rare and unusual finds. One more...the yellow gloriosa....so tall!!! I won't even tell you how much they cost...I could have put diamonds IN the arrangements...well practically. BUT it was so worth it.


onto a new season

Alice is now really into the old superman cartoons from the 40's...streaming on netflix as we speak. Funny how a cartoon is still a cartoon to a kid, and she just is soooooo entranced. I think it is mostly the "good vs evil" thing that has her so fascinated.

And by the way he's.....kent clark not clark kent. No discussions on this at all. Just kent clark.

on to the next topic...
a wedding in Sonoma, at cornerstone gardens
with bliss events
and a knockout bride, Jessica.
Some of you ma have already seen this wedding featured on SMP here, and then we were lucky enough to have it selected as one of SMP's best of 2011. In their online mag which you can view here.

It was so unbelievably windy there that day. Seriously, nothing like a little tornado to make me feel nice and mellow during set up. Kidding. But the roses I had for this event were INSANE....sally holmes to die for, ballerina sprays that were literally the perfect fairy dust. They were like little mini pink doqwood blossoms. MUST have for the new flowerwild garden that's really only a work in progress in theory, and on paper right now.

Dreaming of variegated sweet peas...I've only ever laid hands on them 3 or 4 times, when they've been imported by Japanese growers. On the hunt for seeds.

By the way...countdown to new blog. I think we are VERY close! And it is going to be so amazing to have big images, and pictures you guys can actually see. Be well!


All images by Carlie Statsky