Tuesday, July 12, 2011


ok people I need a new camera. My sad and bent, broken, little pocket cam finally bit the dust. So if any of you all have one you want to donate to the flowerwild blog to sustain pretty pics throughout the year let me know! ha!

it's worth a try...right???

or if you are trying to unload a beauty of a camera please message me. Looking for a digital SLR, preferably similar to a Canon 5 d. Anyone?
cause I wanna take better pictures.

here's what the adventures of flowerwild's two week hiatus looks like...(minus our ice skating escapade from two days ago!)

fun! isn't life so wonderful? seriously, this summer has me in high spirits.

xo kate

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Alexis and Adam

Working on a new blog (yea!) and spent the last few days handwriting and scanning lots of little silly meaningless word..at least they seem meaningless when written out over and over. Funny how that works, If you pick one word and just repeat it continuously it becomes completely absurd.
Kind of want to wait till it's all done before posting anything new here. But that might be a while...

This couple sent me the loveliest thank you after their wedding at the Parker in Palm Springs last october.


Thank you SOOO much for everything last weekend. The flowers were PERFECT and so stunning and you made everything look so damn elegant without being over the top. Just gorgeous - everyone said how fantastic the flowers were. We'll be sure to recommend you to anyone getting married in the area!!

Thanks again for making everything look so beautiful. We really couldn't have asked for a more magical weekend.

Big xoxox"

that makes me smile big time.

photos by my good friends Amy & Stuart