Thursday, January 20, 2011

Something pretty

My sweet friends Jose and Joel has a little holiday shindig at their house in December for family. I was so honored that they actually asked me to do the flowers.
Sadly...the flower market in December does not have much to offer. It's been a sorry state of affairs down there lately. So I took to foraging in a complete downpour to get these arrangements looking decent. It was worth it! Look at these fabulous images Jose captured of them.

He never stops working!
Thanks Jose and Joel for all your generosity and general sweetness. I feel very happy to know you both.


  1. Beautiful. I think sometimes the best bouquets come from "nothing."

  2. so lovely!
    Garden clippings always save the day!

  3. Over the top beautiful. The flowers, the way you've arranged them, the lighting and the photography. So elegant. Love your blog.