Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Playing in the dirt

I'm gardening lately with Alice. Probably the most fun thing ever, to play in the dirt, plant seeds, watch them grow. We potted all of our succulents yesterday. Well, almost all of them!

I realize that this is time with her that I can never get back, and I worry that she will be too big, or too teenagery one day to want to do these things with me; but I also hope that these little things we do together will always shape her - so I guess I'm okay with her growing up a little. It really does seem to be happening at warp speed.

She pushed the cart at the nursery, loaded up plants, told me to stop buying cactus(bossy), picked out seeds (sunflowers of course! what kid doesn't love them?), insisted she needed a new trowel and hand hoe. Then she went straight to work when we got home.
I love that we can be outside planting at the end of jackets! California is amazing. Now we just need to do a little rain dance and watch the garden GROW.

I did this gorgeous wedding with Beth Helmstetter this summer...and it is a personal favorite. The bride, Tess, was truly lovely inside and out. Plus I love a girl who isn't afraid of a little color! Photos by Amy and Stuart. I could actually write a lot of things about what a great experience this wedding was for me, but I think the images kind of speak for themselves. It was off the charts LOVE. And THAT"S what it's all about. I think it may be 2 posts worth of images. So stay tuned for more.

You can see it featured on Snippet and Ink here.

Now... I'm off to play in the dirt!