Monday, August 31, 2009

Just Peachy!

These are some sample cuts we pulled for our lovely client, Michelle. Aren't they delicious? Michelle is getting married this Friday in Rutherford...close to Napa.
The venue is the gorgeous Beaulieu Garden.
And will be coordinated by Brandy Cabral of Bliss Event Productions. Her work is stunning!
Images will be captured by Jose Villa...need I say more?
The best of the best! I am honored to be a part of this team of artists. Can't wait to see this event come together.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Flowerwild Wedding - Anne's Vineyard flowers

Another quick entry as I have hands very full right now...
but Alice and I needed a little R&R after a hard day in the studio.
It has actually been very pleasant.
The air outside is so HOT and smells of fire.
But the air in the studio smells of honey and the heavy perfume of Real Heirloom Garden Roses...
It is intoxicating.

Here are a few pics of the small but fabulous wedding we did last week at Saddlerock Vineyard in Malibu.
I must say that I had a hard time parting with this bridal bouquet - pictured above. It made me want to get married all over again.

Coordinated by the fabulous Kathy and Susan of Bella Weddings and Events

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Workers needed for Napa wedding 9.4.09

Mommy's little helper...

Anyone out there live in the Northern Ca area and care to come work on a wedding with us in Napa/Rutherford? The date is September 4th, FRIDAY. Please contact me directly at if this interests you.

1. Hours from 12-7ish
2. You must have own transportation and a brain.
3. Rate is negotiable
4. You must also be fun, not annoying, 18 or older, and a good silent worker. No chatterboxes please.
5. No design experience necessary. This is for set-up only.

On another note....

It's a little sample madness over here these days. Here are a few more images from a wedding of vivid color! I absolutely cannot wait to see this one take shape on the day. Another amazing bride who I enjoy so much! This will take place at the Smog Shoppe here in LA later in September. Check out their lush vertical gardens! You can actually do this yourself by buying these fuzzy wall pockets. Neat-o.
Passion vine, pansies, dahlias (of course!) and some other fun stuff. These make me smile and we can all use a smile, right?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Samples for Corinne

I have so many lovely images stacked up waiting to show to all of you Flowerwild lovers. (thanks for caring!!!) Just not enough hours in the day to get to everything with weddings for the next 6 weeks straight or maybe it's 8...have to actually look at the calendar to know. It's like a marathon - but it's fun and filled with the most delicious flowers.
I have some garden roses in my bathroom from samples I did earlier this week and they are just divine. I find myself just wandering in there to gaze at them and all their ruffly splendor. Each day I swear they only get more beautiful. Sigh...

Anyhoooo these image are from samples I did for one of my most favorite Brides this season. She is having an intimate wedding at the Four Season's in Santa Barbara with lots of soft muted creamy flowers - along with a splash of pink/peach (this will be a lot more toned down on the day and not so bubble gum.)

Cafe Au Lait Dahlias, ranunculas, Fair Bianca roses, sweet peas make up this subtle palette. More when we deliver the real deal later this week!

How's this for classic, refined beauty? a soft clutch of Garden Roses for her...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A few goodies from the Studio

I enjoy the simplicity and freedom of creating arrangements that go out to same day for delivery. You have certain materials on hand and you have to make them work to suit the occasion. A couple weeks ago we did this arrangement for journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee who had just (the day before we sent these) been released from 12 year- North Korean prison sentences. Hard Labor!!!! Scary. Nothing like getting luxury flowers to make you appreciate being free. National Geographic choose us to send these flowers as a welcoming gift to the women. Cool huh?

Next up....
How do people get super wealthy? I'm not certain I know or care...but I know they usually have flowers!!! And lots of them. This fantabulous and HUGE arrangement went to a property in Bel Aire listed for $85,000,000. That's a lot of money right? You can see the home here. Pretty ornate! And the flowers were crazy beautiful. Burgundy dinner plate dahlias, peach garden roses, raspberries on the vine, (I'm liking these a lot right now can you tell? hahah), lots of other funky fun greens.

We are wedding warriors lots of funness to come. I'm just trying to prioritize doing bids, proposals, actual weddings with flower and so forth before I take time out to blog. Hence the lapse of a week between posts. I'll try to be better even if I have to blog at 6am! That's a lie...I'll be sleeping then. Se y'all soon.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Flowerwild Featured on 'Snippet and Ink!'

I like is a fun one-
a recent wedding of ours Featured on Snippet and Ink this weekend.
Photos by Josef Isayo
Coordinated by the lovely KathyMazza of Bella Weddings and Events.
Just an all-around good group of people.

I really enjoyed putting this one together for Sarah and Kevin. They were fun, lighthearted, and just lovin the flowers! Mixing 3 different cafe-style pieces per table. Tres Parisienne! We raised some up on scalloped bowls to give the tables dimension. Really classy and refreshing. Here are some of my favorite images...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Flowerwild Wedding - Kelly and Sean II

Oooooooooo it's a hot one out there today! I don't really like the heat. But given my fair complexion, I guess that's to be expected. Just working on bids for 2010 wedding season and thought I would take a minute to post the rest of our images from Kelly and Sean's wedding.
I absolutely loooooove the blackberries on the vine in her bouquet! They just give it such body and flair. I even went bold with the ribbon. Bright orange. Can't wait to see the images from their photographers. Amy and Stuart. If you are looking for someone special to capture your wedding I urge you to take a look at their site. Very effortless and beautiful images. Enjoy! I'm off to work...

cocktail table flowers - gloriosa lilies, succulents, red sweet peas, pom pom dahlias

bridesmaids' bouquets

bouts of viburnum berry and blackberry snippets

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Flowerwild Wedding - Kelly and Sean I

Okay, 1st thing's 1st. Relaxed brides are a dream come true!!! And just look at the results...Kelly and Sean came to me via Rebecca at Duet Weddings. I cannot say enough about her. Truly a pleasure to work with and so down to earth. Need a coordinator? Call her NOW! I met Kelly and Sean in person one time only (they were planning their wedding in Laguna Beach from New York.) A fun and fun-loving couple who love COLOR!!!
Here is the first set of images from the Flowerwild studio. Fabric wrapped vases filled with pops of dinner plate dahlias. Terracotta mossed pots of gloriosa lilies, viburnum berries, pom pom dahlias, succulents etc. There were also turquoise fleur de lis goblet filled with peach parrot tulips and grape vine foilage. (Sorry I didn't get a picture of these before we boxed them up!) I have to say I was truly inspired by the vibrancy of the couple, the materials avaialable, and the colors!

More to come...