Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Venue Spotlight -San Ysidro Ranch

Two weeks ago I did THE SICKEST WEDDING EVER in Montecito at San Ysidro Ranch! By sick I mean drop-dead-friggin' -gorgeous...Soon I'll have images from the very talented Jessica Claire to show you. (She just got married this week and so it might take a bit for me to get those!!! Weddings weddings everywhere!) I'll post some of my own shots of the super-delicious bridal bouquet later.
But I couldn't wait for those to just shout to my small world of people about how amazing this place is. It is like stepping into a virtual garden of Eden!!! Lavender plantings flowering up to your shoulders, old growth oaks, roses upon roses, bougainvillea vines, jasmine, hummingbird colonies!!! It is magical. If you are looking for a venue that is unforgettably beautiful- this is it. It has history, romance, charm, and the sweetest personnel on the planet. I kid you not. They must drink some "sweetness" tonic or something. I noticed this about the staff at the Four Season Biltmore in SB too. No surprise these properties are both owned by Ty Warner - inventor of the Beanie Babies. Hence the sweetness factor. After seeing this place there is no one who can doubt the natural beauty of California.

Top 3 sets of images by Susan Dean
4th and 5th sets of images by Elizabeth Messina
Last set of images by Jose Villa

See what I mean?

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  1. How perfectly gorgeous. It does look like eden and the bride - wow she is drop dead gorgeous. x Suzi