Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Napa Nuptials II

Little A is not feeling too hot so we spent a majority of the morning watching Bambi...about 6 times! Perfect time for me to get caught up on my blogging - or so I thought! Apparently I cannot ignore an old classic like Bambi, and there are many life lessons in this movie that need to be explained carefully to an almost 2 year old.
The best one comes from Thumper's dad : "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all."

Anyhoo...a while back I posted some images of the centerpieces we did for Michelle's wedding in Rutherford. What a gorgeous place. I am still waiting on images from the photographer...so there will be more of the actual wedding to come but I want to show you a few tidbits of the personals.
Bridal bouquet...I can't describe how sweet this smelled. And the bouts....just love all the salmon/ coral accents. Michelle and I went thru a long process trying to make sure she got the colors she wanted - which included lots of versions of inspiration boards, phone conversations and even some long distance flower color samples. All in all it was well worth the extra effort and I hope she was as happy with the results as I was.


  1. So stunning! Garden roses and wine country...the perfect combination.

  2. Bambi is sooo good! I love the shades, just be careful never to use the word peach!

  3. J'adore those corsages in the last pic - so simple, so sweet.

    I agree w/ Jane on the word peach though, so 1989. Melon works for me. I have brides who even say light orange over peach. Funny how stuff like that is trendy, isn't it?

    And while we're on "peach", I'm old enough to remember when 'Sonia' was the peach rose. And then when 'Osiana' came along it was beyond exciting to have 2 choices of peach!