Friday, October 16, 2009

Bold Raspberry and Blueberry Palette

I've got things coming at you a little out of order, but no matter...These are images from Jennie's sweet wedding at the Smog Shoppe a few weeks ago. In a few more weeks I should have images from Laura at Docuvitae. That girl knows what she's doing with a camera, so I can't wait to see the results. I just know they will be fabulous.
This bold and fun pallette was the invention of the bride and I am LOVING it!!! Above is the inspiration board I did for her as we got close to the wedding date, along with the actual arrangements as they are boxed up and ready to leave the studio. (the first boards I did for her were a totally different sort of juicy palette-citrus and raspberry/cherry, very warm)
I could not stop staring at these flowers they were just so juicy and fresh looking. And the clematis vine was to-die-for gorgeous, almost iridescent, like a butterfly! Wait till you see what Jennie looked like in her gown with the bouquet. So glamorous, in a very simple silk dress with just a gentle splash of beading at the neckline and across the back. Radiant!


  1. great combination of colours, magnificent! I really enjoy your blog, thanks for all the inspiring pic's to feast our eyes upon! :)

  2. i'm really into hot pink lately and this post had me swooning. beautiful work. i just found your blog, so i'll be back... :)

  3. In the board at the top, there is a bouquet tied with pink ribbon...where is that photo from? I'd love to see an enlarged version!