Thursday, August 20, 2009

A few goodies from the Studio

I enjoy the simplicity and freedom of creating arrangements that go out to same day for delivery. You have certain materials on hand and you have to make them work to suit the occasion. A couple weeks ago we did this arrangement for journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee who had just (the day before we sent these) been released from 12 year- North Korean prison sentences. Hard Labor!!!! Scary. Nothing like getting luxury flowers to make you appreciate being free. National Geographic choose us to send these flowers as a welcoming gift to the women. Cool huh?

Next up....
How do people get super wealthy? I'm not certain I know or care...but I know they usually have flowers!!! And lots of them. This fantabulous and HUGE arrangement went to a property in Bel Aire listed for $85,000,000. That's a lot of money right? You can see the home here. Pretty ornate! And the flowers were crazy beautiful. Burgundy dinner plate dahlias, peach garden roses, raspberries on the vine, (I'm liking these a lot right now can you tell? hahah), lots of other funky fun greens.

We are wedding warriors lots of funness to come. I'm just trying to prioritize doing bids, proposals, actual weddings with flower and so forth before I take time out to blog. Hence the lapse of a week between posts. I'll try to be better even if I have to blog at 6am! That's a lie...I'll be sleeping then. Se y'all soon.


  1. I blog in the middle of the night to help me un-wind at this time of the year, love these arrangements gorgeous colours!

  2. cool, u got NatGeo to order flowers from you.
    I like your arrangements. very sweet