Monday, May 4, 2009

Venue Spotlight - The Smog Shoppe

So I had a whole different idea for a post this weekend...and even made a few really pretty flower halos to photograph. Alas, my model was uncooperative. As many flower girls will be! Little "A" just had a different idea of how she wanted to spend her saturday afternoon. Namely, splashing in puddles while daddy gardened. Can you blame her? Modeling is so overrated.

As an alternative, I just wanted to be the little bird that tells you about "The Smog Shoppe." A very cool and unique venue for events in Culver City. Great space, visually lush hanging garden walls. So cool. We just discovered it ourselves via a new bride who will be hosting her wedding there. I love the open air dining space. It just calls out to me for stunning flowers. An inspiring blank canvas. FUN,FUN,FUN! Tweet tweet.

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