Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sarah and Kevin Wed in Malibu

So as promised here are a few lovely images of Sarah and Kevin's wedding flowers before they left the studio. It was absolutely the perfect day in Malibu. Sunny with a nice breeze. The flowers looked radiant at the reception on the lawn of the Adamson House. And of course, so did the bride!!! She really seemed so perfectly ready and happy. We can't wait to show you more images from the day when we have them. So stay tuned...

The Bride's bouquet...a mix of lilac, fair bianca roses, peonies from Oregon, truly amazing white tweedia, in a cuff of rose tipped honeysuckle from our garden.

The Bridesmaids' bouquets were so sweet and demure. Sweet peas with twisty vines still attached, ranunculas, peonies, a single blush garden rose, with geranium.

I really thought these bouts of honeysuckle and tweedia were a fun mix of old fashioned and fun. Pure whimsy.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! I got some white tweedia a week ago, so pretty!

    How did the tweedia and honeysuckle bouts hold up? I always worry about the sap leaking out of wilts so easily...did you do anything special?

  2. Thanks Sprout!
    The Tweedia was really sturdy - unlike the blue variety. I was surprised! Same with the honeysuckle. I just let them sit like this in water to get rid of the initial milky sap overnight...

  3. Absolutely beautiful design and photography!

  4. Totally delicious, I love the honeysuckle and tweedia so utterly lovely

  5. Thanks for the tweedia tip!