Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Laying the Foundation

I was never a painter. Wanted to be. Wished I was a talented and undiscovered Mark Rothko...or that guy who paints trees. Can't remember his name now...but remember the paintings. How hard is that to paint a tree? It's damn hard. Just try doodling a shrub. It's not easy. Mine ends up looking a mess. These are not mine... these belong to someone you may know, Piet Mondrian.

So this is my version of painting, with flowers. Just the beginning stages, where you primer the canvas, and lay the foundation of the final vision. To create this part of the arrangement is very much like a meditation for me. These are some photos of some centerpieces before I add the color. Right now I am really drawn to varying textures and blending and intermixing the shapes of foliage and greens as a framework/backdrop for the final look.

Here the palette consists of hellebores, snowball viburnum, flowering dogwood, and honeysuckle vine

It's actually a really easy and natural approach to creating something "painterly." If only I could sell one for 1.5 mil. That would rock!

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  1. I always feel a little conflicted when a client says what I do is art, or that I am an artist. I'm not saying flowers can't reach the level of at, but on a day to day basis, I think of myself as more of a craftsman but not artsy craftsy. Hard to explain....