Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Heavenly Hellebores

Today, a little inspiration from a lovely little flower called the hellebore. A.K.A The "Christmas Rose". I am in love with these flowers. They are so pure in their color and form, so graceful, with their little nodding heads. Each little face is different from the next. Some have freckles, some do not, but they are all beautiful. Try growing some in your garden...I'm going to!!!

Hellebores with ranunculas, pieris, passion vine, dusty miller and tulips in a vintage vase

Hellebores in a delightful mix of poppies, jasmine, muscari, anemones, sweet peas, and cut phalenopsis orchid. Strange palette...but so vivid.

Hellebores as a tasty little boutonniere.


  1. That deep purple in the third photo is positively divine.

  2. Hellebores make my heart skip