Sunday, March 29, 2009

Soolip Sunday

Usually I like to "sleep in" on Sundays. This means stay in bed until 7:15, or thereabouts; which is blissful when you have a 17 month old baby. Today, however, we delivered these gorgeous arrangements to our new friend Cassandra Santor at her booth at Soolip.

Cassandra is launching her "Beautiful Day" coordination package. Check out her site here to learn more.

The space for the Soolip event is Vibiana, a breathtaking renovated cathedral in L.A.'s old Bank District. Click here to see the site yourself. Really awe inspiring as a blank canvas for your event, and full of light! Very hard to find...


  1. Just found you via housemartin. I love your style, and am so jealous you live in a place where all the best flowers grow :). I can't wait to read more on your blog.

  2. Oh my word, what a beautiful flower arrangement and venue!

  3. I have just fallen madly in love with your blog. Stunning work.

  4. Gorgeous! Congrats on your special feature on Decor8!