Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beechwood Canyon Beauties

Some girls are just special. I guess that's why there's usually some guy out there who just has to marry them. Erica is one special gal. I could sense her gentle, sweet way from our original meeting for her fast approaching wedding. Ceremony at the Hotel Bel Air, with a luncheon to follow....THEN even more colorful festivities with all the couple's closest friends at their lovely home in the hills of Beechwood Canyon. Perfection. These bouquets were designed to capture her easy-going and carefree spirit with a dash of LOVE. Can't wait to show you photos from the actual day of!


  1. Anonymous4/18/2009

    These are gorgeous! I love all the lilacs - they're my absolute favorite flower - but the peonies, anemones, and roses are just lovely as well.

  2. These are unfairly magnificent - why does no one in my area have this kind of talent? Ugh. Be well, The Hostess

  3. lovely bouquets!!! :))