Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Friend - Rebecca of Duet Weddings

I like to surround myself with GOOD people. Nice, sweet, down-to-earth kind of people. And someone who has a great sense of style and class is a big bonus when talking about people in the wedding world.
Meet Rebecca and her company Duet Weddings.
How nice to pair up with a coordinator who shares your enthusiasm and creative spirit! I REALLY like her! And I think all brides out there who want that special touch of having a genuinely good person help them through the whole process of planning their wedding should take a look at her blog and get ready to break out in song! A duet maybe? okay I'm a little silly. But you'll like her I promise....

Some images of her happy couples and their luscious events:


  1. The table setting is lovely, brilliant, festive, and serene all at once.

  2. What gorgeous weddings, everything is just picture perfect.