Monday, April 11, 2011

Once wed and Intern?

I guess that despite how many times I promise myself I will be a good little blogger and write something to you all a couple times a week - I always fall off the wagon, before I even get going. If only they had a way to do hands free blogging!!! I'm sure there's an app for that. Or they're working on it somewhere.

I will purchase toute suite as soon as it becomes available. Then we can get crackin' around here. OR I could hire an INTERN!!! Anyone interested? Let me know.
You will see flowers on a daily basis. There will be coffee, there will be flowers, and more flowers, and hopefully more blog posts.
you get in touch if this sounds good.

So back to the real reason for this note. We are on Once Wed today!!! Check out this lovely little outdoor wedding inspiration. I friggin' LOVE the the bold juicy bouquet...and the little birds, so sweet!

Images by Jose Villa (I don't know if this couple was just gorgeous, or if Jose makes everyone look heavenly. Such a talented guy.)

Hair and Makeup by Mar of TEAM Hair and Makeup

Flowers by Flowerwild - me

Dress by Saja


  1. This bouquet is gorgeous! Were you serious about the intern? I'd love to do it!

  2. I love your bouquet! It's so fun to see you do vibrant colors.

  3. Does the internship also include the opportunity to learn about floral design?

  4. Wow, fantastic pics!!! I love the bouquet! I'm a spanish blogger and I'd like to make a post in my blog with your fantastic job. If you're OK please, send me a comment. Thanks so much

  5.'s fine with me as long as you give proper credits and so forth. You might find better res. images on once wed, or Jose's site.

    yes..opportunity to learn about design. but honestly it would be a lot of errand running and organizing helping around studio, keeping up with my new client inquiries etc. just in the mix!!! A little of everything.

  6. Anonymous4/12/2011

    Simply perfectly amazing! xo!

  7. I am extremely interested in the internship!
    I live in Pasadena but am eager and excited to learn, grow and assist!

    For my resume and portfolio:

    looking forward to hearing from you!

  8. i want to come drink coffee and play with flowers!!

  9. ha! sarah...that would be a dream. if only we were neighbors! can you imagine the flower insanity and frivolity?

  10. Anonymous4/19/2011

    I must ask what are the poppie-esque flowers in the bride's bouquet not on this post but on the Style Me Pretty post of Jose's workshop here:

    Beautiful flowering!;)

  11. You're work is absolutely amazing! I would love to assist you in your work. Has the internship position been filled?

    For my resume, please contact me at:

    Hope to hear from you soon. :)