Wednesday, April 27, 2011

garden of earthly delights

Here's a little something we did a while back for Martha Stewart Weddings. Inspired by the, wind, fire and water. This shoot was fun, I learned a lot about what I can do better next time. The greenhouses were even more beautiful than I imagined they would be. My favorite was the skeleton frame of one, left to be gathered back into the raw and ragged growth of mother nature. Kind of hauntingly beautiful...

So many good people were involved in this little shoot. Thanks to all of them. Plus Joel Serrato came along to shoot a little film which is so beautiful...but I am so seriously inept I can figure out how to post it here. But check out his work if you haven't already.

Featured today on Snippet and Ink

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Photography: Jose Villa

Florals, styling: Flowerwild

Styling, coordination: Rebecca Stone of Duet Weddings

Location: Hatfield Orchids

Hair, make up: Team Hair and Makeup

Wardrobe: Swift Vintage

Jewelry: Wish List


  1. Your flowers are sublime. x

  2. I love the idea of that tall massive bouquet with what appears to be Oncidiums. It is such a unique shape and it definitely got me inspired.

  3. i love the shot of her in the old greenhouse
    great flowers all in all !