Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday Harvest - Jasmine

I've been out walking lately, and I noticed something really wonderful....Spring is almost here! The first clue was the Jasmine in the air. Late evening strolls are the best way to notice this intoxicating scent. Yummy!!!!

So Ken, Alice and I had an adventure Sunday morning. The task at hand was to collect some of the wild growing Jasmine from the River bottom and bring it home. Nothing better than a room with a little hint of it on the bedside table. I collected the vines, Alice collected rocks, and Ken documented it all. Fun times.

Stay tuned to see how I use a little bit of jasmine and other foraged vines to bring some levity and fragrance into the house.


  1. What a killer neighborhood!

  2. What a killer neighborhood!

  3. I just paid a small fortune for Jasmine at Boston's wholesale flower market this week - one man's "roadsidea" is another's pricy novelty.