Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer blues

It's kind of what you think..but not really. I do feel the stress of a long season with a far away end in sight (which also gives me the blues a little), but the summer blues that I have right now are flower blues and purples. Working on a crazy beautiful wedding for this Saturday at Vibiana (a converted Cathedral from the 1800"s that is hard to describe with plain old words.) I'm up late thinking about it, pondering what I have left to do over the next three days, how to accomplish it, how it will look. Funny thing actually...I have an idea about what it will look like, but I don't KNOW completely. Sometimes I feel as if the flower thing is like being part of a renegade installation art crew that shows up with a van full of flowers and has 2-4 hours to literally transform a space. Did I mention there is a lot of purple involved? I guess I really like purple as it turns out.
I write this as Alice is kicking me, scrambling and stretching in her sleep. Growing like a weed this one. Big brain too! Right now she is probably dreaming about being Spiderman. She is enamored and in awe of him of late. Webbing and whatnot. To bed, to dreams....

a little sample bouquet of gardenias I did for a June bride. Something heavenly and timeless about gardenias, no?


  1. Possibly the most gorgeously fresh-looking bouquet I have ever seen! Delicious.

  2. The bouquet looks so intoxicating that I can almost get a slight whiff of the scent. Beautiful!