Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eeny Meeny Miny moe

This actually isn't as random as the title denotes. It's kind of chronological. Images from the studio - our first wedding of 2010 way back in FEBRUARY if you can believe that. What this means is I actually have a backlog of images that is about 7 months long (minus the few weddings were things were just too insane to even pick up the camera. We will have to rely on the professionals for those.)

Sonya and Douglas wed in their historic home in the Hollywood Hills..I have the image by Isabel Lawrence Photography somewhere, but we'll start with these.

Isn't my little shop girl the cutest?!!! We have a good time.

The most amazing thing I did for this wedding is unfortunately not documented here. Sonya wanted a vintage style cascading bouquet - I used cattleya orchids, carmel antique roses and looped in strands of tuberose/freesia/jasmine to form the cascading part. A very nerve wracking experience. Completely improvised and it actually looked good. Amazing actually! Have to defer to Isabel's images for those. Coming soon. x


  1. I LOVE them rusted looking cake stands! Gorgeous!

  2. Oh my gosh. *applauds* I love it.

  3. superbe aranjamente,felicitari

  4. I just have to tell you that I happened upon your blog from a link on Pinterest, and your floral arrangements are absolutely STUNNING. Seriously. I can hardly contain myself. Such beauty! You are very talented!