Tuesday, August 24, 2010

summer squeeze

Well... a lot of things have been happening here, which you will all be privy to shortly. Mostly, there has been an abundance of flowers. ferns, vines, underwatery-looking things, tree of heaven, coral peonies, dahias, knock-your-socks-off clematis, and a new world of imagination and playing. Not just with flowers mind you. I do have a nearly 3 year old gal who is constantly keeping me on my toes with her boldness, creativity, tenderness, spiderman/wonderwoman/cowboy/superhero role playing (I get to be Mary Jane!) and man can she make me laugh. It has been our busiest season ever and it has been good. Still a few months to go - but feeling pretty lovely about what we've done so far. Wanting to share more than I can right now since I am so far behind. But I reckon we will have a little time to catch up sooner or later. Thanks for hanging in there!

Lots of real weddings on their way... here and on GLOSSY PAGES. (yippee!!!!!!)

In the meantime....
we were featured on Snippet and Ink's NEW site which is so gorgeous and I am very jealous

This is little bit of something we did kind of a la carte with some great women...
I'm digging color lately. monochromatic shhhhmomo-chromatic. It has it's time and place but color is so much fun and so JUICY. Be bold I say...don't be afraid. Color is hip.
You can see the full post featured on the lovely, restyled and revamped Snippet and Ink (thanks Kathryn!)
Photographed by Bonnie Tsang - love her evolved and subtle vision. Great, timeless photography.

Styling / design: Summer Watkins, Grey Likes Weddings

Photography: Bonnie Tsang

Floral design: Kate Holt, Flowerwild

Food styling: Chef Kate McAloon

Stationery: Peggy Wong, Blue Pool Road

Furniture rentals / styling: Jeni Maus, Found Vintage Rentals


  1. You're good lady. i love love love your work so much it makes me wanna be a better florist! : >

  2. Thanks Coriander! Your shop looks so lovely...hope I can visit some time. x

  3. this color scheme is brilliant and beautiful...I'm using it as inspiration for my 2011 wedding! thank you!