Sunday, July 5, 2009

Samples for Jessica

I wonder, is there a weird connection between redheads? Because it seems like an unusual percentage of my brides are of the redhead/strawberry blonde persuasion. Relative to the rest of the population....It seems strange that hair color could somehow color your appreciation and taste for beautiful, wild things. But then again, Why not? Anyway, I'll try to stick to the point. Jessica= pretty strawberry bride to be. July 17th is the date. Sunsets are the inspiration for the colors. A little taster of the look see below.
Peonies, Cafe au lait dahlias, passion vine, viburnum berries, garden roses, vining sweet peas. A softer bundle of blooms for the bride to carry. My love for beautiful, wild things grows!


  1. Wow, these are gorgeous!!

  2. I AGREE!!

    from the Bride to Be :)

  3. So pretty, and I can almost smell them through the computer screen. . .great pictures! The bride to be should be super excited!