Monday, March 12, 2012

part two

just a few more from this pretty fete...

we are headed up north this week and I am looking forward to seeing sonoma again. Dreaming of my very own little plot of land up there where I can grow pretty much anything I want. Sigh...think this dream will have to wait until I have a little more spare time.

Alice is singing and singing and singing these days. it makes for a happy work atmosphere:) and it makes me love her so much.



  1. It's really stunning. Do you cut the fern from plants yourself or is this something you get from a supplier? Love the texture fern adds!

  2. what are the red and white striped flowers in the last pic that look like pitcher plants? they're beautiful (along with all of the arrangements but i hope that goes without saying...)

  3. i love reading about you and alice doing stuff together. and remember, after the teenagery years comes the adult years - I enjoy my parents so much, it's awesome. Just imagine talking business with Alice someday!

    This wedding is beautiful. You're use of the tropicals is inspiring.

  4. Tara - I get the greens from a supplier in la market, But you could just as easily cut them from plants.

    Jin- they are pitcher plants! Not extremely hardy, need to be in water as long as possible.

    Sarah - thank you.