Wednesday, December 8, 2010

a lesson in procrastination

bleach buckets, scrub buckets, hydrate flowers, eat cheese and crackers, email, revise a budget, email again, watch olivia with alice, look at my yoga mat...
facebook, build new gallery on our website, entertain ideas of going to palm springs to see the Avedon exhibit, email, color with Alice (she is getting good at drawing faces!), stare at yoga mat...
blog, refine amazon shopping cart (thank god for this amazing invention), play spiderman game with Alice (I am most often Mary Jane Watson is some sort of distressing situation...lost puppy, alligators in my house, etc), stare at yoga mat a little more....

ahhhh, maybe later!!! I am off to the studio to play with flowers.


  1. Absolutely stunning once again!!! Love, love, love, love the color combo!!!


    ps:I love those grapevines!!!May I ask where you get them, I have searched high and low at the L.A. flowermart but no one carries them. :(

  2. Oooh gorgeous roses! So pretty!

    I'm curious about the vines too - we never see anything like that in the wholesalers in Scotland. Is it something from the garden?

  3. gosh!!! these are beautiful! I just want to photograph them all!!

    jose villa

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  5. day we will be neighbors, and you can photograph as many flowers as you like! (dream)

    gals....the greens are grapevine, sourced at Mayesh, but probably avail. elsewhere. Versatile and easy to grow in the garden!

  6. Feliz Navidad and have a beautiful 2011!!
    From all team Bornay!

  7. Beautiful flower.

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