Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Napa Nuptials

Hello All! We have been to Napa and back. Heard a lot of unusual radio on our travels ( Fats Domino, New skool and old skool Country, and some rockin' Napa station I will forever be on the hunt for!) and saw some dusty almond crops too. DRY farmland!
This wedding was a stunner to say the least..today I will share the studio shots of the centerpieces These are the larger focal arrangements, which were surrounded by smaller satellite groupings of flowers. Her Personals will come later and of course when Jose Villa has his images from the day we'll post those too.

Here's what you can find in these arrangements...
Heirloom Garden Roses
Coral Passion Vine
Dusty Miller
Flowering Pieris
Grape Vine
and fun fuzzy - and some not so fuzzy - succulents

What do you think? Like em? The only thing missing is the wine!


  1. I love them!!!! Can I ask you where you purchase your containers???

  2. Oh so lovely, dreamy colours and textures