Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Beginnings

My high school English teacher, Mrs. Kelly, would say to start out with a captivating sentence. Something that grabs the reader and kind of lingers on the taste buds for all their senses to grab. I have less poetic style than I might have had then, at 16, when life was a sort of simple and carefree buzzing dream; but I do know that as we speak there are seeds of change sprouting everywhere, ice castles melting, babies snoozing and dreaming big dreams, and lots of music yet to be laid out for all to hear. Not to mention FLOWERS!!!!!! And we will be taking a trip on this little blog to explore the fanciful, wonderfulness that are flowers. What better subject that the most sensual, openly evocative of Mother Nature's creations.... Today I feel like nodding my cap to a lovely little ruffle of a fleur. The poppy. In all it's magnificence. Thank god for spell check!

ode to a poppy

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