Monday, September 12, 2011

mechanics and our next workshop?

as you may have guessed from the lack of posts lately...we've been busy. (like hanging these insane floral "clouds" from the ceiling of an old hog barn. whose crazy idea was that???) next time i will definitely consider the "how" before I blurt out an untested creative zinger like that! big thanks to my honey-pie for listening to all of my "pie in the sky" ideas and ramblings on this (balloons covered in petals, styrofoam forms with layers of tubed hydrangea wrapped around them, etc) and then figuring out how to engineer their installation. you are a patient and sweet man!

tomorrow I'm kind of, or mostly on my way to my good friend Jose Villa's workshop in Los Olivos. Nevermind my car died an hour ago - and I'm not in LA. but, thanks to the good will ambassador of flowerwild (ambassador of happiness and all things positive (amber moon)) it looks like Jose will get his flowers and some other goodies.

which brings me to something else. many of you have been asking about our next workshop. and i haven't planned dates yet, or locations. So though I would ask you all. when and where would you like to see flowerwild workshops?

considering first and last weeks of november, and other dates in Jan and feb!

santa barbara

i already feel a bit better just thinking about all the flowery fun that will ensue.

and i need a mechanic.


  1. Seattle!!!

    too bad we don't live closer, my guy is a mechanic :)

  2. AUSTRALIA!!!!!! please!

  3. I vote Seattle also!

  4. My vote is for SEATTLE!! That would be incredible!
    Beautiful flower clouds ....btw
    miss you!

  5. Oh... Denver or Salt Lake City! I would drive the 3 or 7 hours to either. FUN!

  6. Please come to Seattle!!!!! And I would definitely attend if it's in Jan or Feb. Can't wait!!!

  7. SEATTLE! Erin says so. Kae says so. And Wendy says so too. We're definitely in the lead with votes.

  8. the seattle idea! but what about weather in Dec? So used to doing this outside! Ha...ok so I will look into a space we could host it indoors there and see what the flowers will be like at that time of year - and let you all know!

  9. what about sonoma??? would that be doable for any of you?

  10. weather will probably be really rainy and cool but not snowy or locally will be almost non existent except for hothouse grown bulb stuff, wild foraged evergreens and branches.nothing really comes back to life until mid March here with hellebores,narcissus,anemones,tulips,forced branches etc.
    If only we all had downtime in the summer when my garden is rocking and rolling, then we'd be swimming in material :)
    Oh, I so hope it works for you to come up our way. Count me and my two flower arranging buddies in when you're doing your planning!

  11. Anonymous9/27/2011

    These are wonderful flowers these flowers make the wedding look fabulous great work with all of these flowers.

  12. Charleston! Please? Just found your gorgeous site and would love, love to go to a workshop! Truly lovely work!