Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Proposals, yin and yang

Here's something I like....raspberry crisp a la mode
Here's something I don't like...............bug bites

here's what inspires me............color, alice's enthusiasm for spiderman, and vines
here's what bores me................tv

i love.......my family
i dislike....pretend people and fishy smelling fish ick.

a couple of fun things are cooking this week aside from all of the amazingly sweet potential clients I have met the last few days, and even the one's i haven't met (HONG KONG! hi!) and (NEW YORk...)

trying to be focused and get things done. here's how committed I am to doing this well: I showered and got back in my jammies to finish today's proposals. Back to work...but posting a few images of flowers from the summer. how i miss them!!!



  1. I have a very large weakness for berries. and vines.

    So lovely!

  2. raspberry roses with blackberries - scrumptious.

  3. Lovely bouquet!!!

  4. I LOVE these!!
    Where do you source your Tree Peonies
    and those crazy beautiful Roses?
    They are to die for!

  5. those arrangements in the 3rd pic from the bottom need to be STOPPED!
    you could have swayed me back to libretto parrot tulips.

  6. emily- tree peonies from mayesh probably. they fall apart really easily.

    sarah- how could you ever say no to those librettos? i love them, especially when they are old and dying. xo